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122 Pinecrest Road is where The Hypertwins live. Sandy inherited the house from her dad when he died in 1999. The property includes #120, a half-lot on the townward side (towards Dogwood and Chapel Hill Rd.) which was split in order to prevent development and leave a buffer between #122 and the next house on that side. The house was built in 1939 by Harena's granddad, F.G. Hall.

We are very lucky to be able to live in this lovely house, but we sometimes feel a bit out of place in the neighborhood, which has moved from being a place for Duke professors and their families to being more of a sought-after high-end area where people with nice jobs in RTP or wherever live for 3-7 years until they get a promotion and move somewhere else. (We both grew up on the other side of Highway 751 a.k.a. Academy Road — Harena at 2715 Montgomery and Woozle at 2719 McDowell.)

It is also too small for our present needs.

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  • Re-View is a company which rebuilds historic windows from scratch -- probably very expensive, but if we ever have the money, maybe we could get them to rebuild the stripped openers in many of our windows.