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Tigger and Anna, circa 1998


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Ann was known also as Tigger, due to her eternally energetic and bouncy nature. She was Woozle's close friend and confidant from 1981 until her death, and much-beloved godmother to Anna Nikola. As one of Jenny's close friends, she was a founding member of the "Goresum Foursum" (along with Cindy S. and Erika J.) in the CFS middle school circa 1979.

She attended undergraduate school at Brown University from 1985-1989, where she joined King House.

Ann had almost completed graduate school at the University of California at Berkeley at the time of her death; she was granted her degree posthumously. The Ann Veronica Simon Outstanding Gender Studies Dissertation Award was established at LSU in her honor not long after. (See 2006 Ann Simon fundraising letter for details)

Some original Ann phrases:

  • Whatever wiggles your guinea-pig.
  • Please kiss your own spaghetti.


Projects to fight cancer via distributed computing

Hedgehogs! dee dee dee!

~ The Ann Veronica Simon Memorial Collection of Hedgehog Miscellany ~

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