First Soap Batch in the Laundry Room

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The story begins with Operation: Move Soap-Making Upstairs. Below we see the Magic of a staple gun, bright green duct tape, & a Woozle. It will still need more shelves to put some things more properly away, but this can come later, especially since I need to beta test the set-up I have now and find out what is Horribly Wrong with it so it can be fixed with the next update ;)

(Click on the Thumbnails for larger images!)

Next, comes the Actual Beta Test of the new set-up!

So after the lye water gets to be the right temperature, you add it to the properly heated oils. Then, you stir. And stir. And Stir.

Then you get out the electric stick blender and really show it who is boss!! ;D

I would have had more pictures covering the trace actually happening and the pouring into molds but my stick blender locked up and I had to stir it the rest of the way by hand and so was too focused on that to get more shots... but maybe another time if anyone is interested in seeing that part too.