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Josh pages

  • /getting services: the multi-year story of our attempts to get supportive services for Josh
  • /Medicaid: log of what it took to get that for him
  • /facts: things we've learned about Josh
  • /log: a record of Josh-related events in 2007-2009
  • /meds (outdated): in January 2013, RHA started Josh on a mild regimen of something, to help him sleep; up until then, he had never been on meds steadily
  • /paperwork
  • /video: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Josh category with a few additional things in it (photos etc.)


Josh at the NC Museum of Life and Science, July 2009

Josh (born 1992-12-12) is Sandy's second-oldest. He is autistic. He is generally unable to communicate, even using hand-gestures (pointing, touching object, holding up object).

He is very healthy, though, and quite clever, dextrous, and strong. Given all that, he has always been a little difficult to control -- but he was generally happy as a child, so it wasn't as much of a problem.

This part needs updating:
Since hitting adolescence in 2007 or so he has gotten much bigger and stronger; he is now larger than Sandy, and able to resist all but the most strenuous and determined efforts to force him physically.

Josh is also unusually interactive for an autistic person; he smiles, gives eye contact, laughs, and plays possum sometimes when he knows he has to do something but doesn't want to; his main issue seems to be with communication.

Josh has been happily living in a group home run by RHA Howell since late Feburary, 2011. The story of everything leading up to that is here.



blog entries about Josh


  • 2010/10/27 2135 Josh Mediation § We're safe until December 11, but they want to move him from the real and appropriate services he's getting right now to inferior services he'll have to wait for, and they don't care what happens to him or us in the meantime. more...
  • 2010/04/29 1101 Our Visit to the Josh Depository § Taking Josh to the Hughes Center went reasonably well yesterday; here's the (more or less) full report... more...
  • 2010/04/22 2127 Mighty Are the Teeth of Josh § Josh has never been to a dentist because he wouldn't "open wide" on command, much less sit calmly for minutes at a time while someone mucked about inside his mouth. It has always seemed pretty clear that he would need a general anaesthetic -- so as long as there was no clear need for dental attention, we put that fairly far down the list of Josh Priorities. more...
  • 2010/03/14 0903 Josh Smith, Agent of Entropy § It's been nice not having Josh in the house for the past few weeks. We put something away or clean something, and it generally stays put away or cleaned. Organization gradually increases.

Josh made up for lost time last night. more...

  • 2010/01/28 1638 The Eternal Residential Placement Catch-22 § We just heard back from Residential Services Inc, a group home in Chapel Hill which came highly recommended and with whom I spoke last night for about half an hour. more...
  • 2009-10-24 1239 Josh Biathlon § Today's Josh Puzzler Challenge: Find the missing object. more...
  • 2009-10-20 2131 what I learned about ValueOptions today § I had previously visited the web site for ValueOptions, the company which deniesapproves Medicaid and Health Choice benefits in North Carolina but had been unable to find any way of contacting them electronically. Today, however, I went poking around more methodically and found... more...
  • 2009-08-25 0654 Joshercize your way to rage and exhaustion § Josh's first morning back at school went about as well as I expected, which is to say not very well at all. We're fully expecting a call from the school any minute. more...
  • 2009-07-04 1602 Joshing in the Men's Room § The lack of posts has not been due to lack of events but rather too many to keep up with. Here's what happened today. more...
  • 2009-06-10 0640 No relief in sight § I don't really have the focus to write a proper blog post about this (except to note that the first sign of trouble came near the end of the day on Friday in the form of a phone call and that we waited all weekend and Monday with no news), but I should at least post this "team update" email which more or less explains what has happened. more...