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Jump to: navigation, search is a domain I registered in 1995 – back when domain-name space was largely unclaimed territory, and domain names ("domains" for short) cost $50/year with a minimum 2-year initial registry – to use for my business, then known as Red House Media (see Red House) largely because of the exterior color of the building in which it was located. The domain was sold to SanMar in April, 2006.

Circumstantial Notes

As of the end of March, 2006, the focus of the business had changed quite a bit (it now primarily operates at, as had its location and even the exterior color of the original Red House – so I really had no need for the domain anymore. What's more, I had received inquiries from several different companies whose business names contain the words "red house" (sometimes "redhouse") who were, naturally, rather interested in acquiring the domain. Selling it, therefore, had reached the point where it seemed like a good idea; I could use the capital, and someone else could undoubtedly make better use of the domain.

This issue finally came to a head when on March 23 (2006) I was approached by Lee Strom at SanMar expressing substantial interest in buying After mulling it over for a day or three, I came around (March 27) to the idea of putting the domain up for auction on Ebay (with a stipulation that certain redirects are to be kept intact for one year after sale), and notifing all "Red House" businesses who might have an interest.

When I copied SanMar on this suggestion, however, Mr. Strom suggested that an auction might result in the very negative outcome of the domain being acquired by a buyer who was primarily interested in maximizing profit from resale, rather than finding the best fit for it; he also made an up-front offer of what is to me a substantial amount. (Reading between the lines, this would seem to imply that the domain is "worth" considerably more than SanMar was able to offer for it; I decided I was comfortable with turning down the possibility of greater profit if I could be reasonably sure that I won't cringe anytime I visit on the web after selling it.)

I decided on March 29 or so to seriously consider the offer, with the only proviso being that I should check back with the other companies who previously expressed interest in the domain, in case they had any further issues to raise (although SanMar's offer would still be given preference, as they were good enough to take the risk of being the first one to name a figure – as in "whoever names a figure first loses", a negotiating maxim I heard somewhere).

After combing through the list of inquiries, I whittled it down to just one company (Red House Records), and contacted them. They offered to consider making a counteroffer if I told them SanMar's offer, but did not name a figure up front and generally seemed quite content to let the domain go elsewhere. I accepted SanMar's offer on Sunday evening (April 2).