2007-01-04 open letter to Rebekah Wade

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2007-01-04 open letter to Rebekah Wade . . 2007-01-05 Rebekah's response



I must ask that you cease contacting members of my family with pointless criticism of me. They do not appreciate it, it is not helping anyone (least of all me), and it cannot possibly serve any useful purpose other than cause a fuss so that you can be the center of attention for a little while.

I am reasonably certain you will see this letter posted here, as I have encountered repeated evidence that you regularly scour this wiki looking for more tidbits about which you can raise similar fusses; just to be sure, however, I will also mail you a printed copy.

Your behavior is at least borderline harassment, cyber-bullying, and/or cyberstalking – although you have introduced a novel twist to these concepts in that you abuse your relationships with members of my family (whom you know are less likely to stand up to you and certainly do not have all the facts at hand to refute what you say) as the target for this abuse, rather than abusing me directly. (It seems likely that this is because you know that your criticisms are actually devoid of true merit, and that if you were to address them to me I would quickly refute them; I am willing, however, to be proven wrong.)

I have been advised that if I ignore you, you will stop. This is plainly not the case, as I did my best to not only "let bygones be bygones" in the case of your ceaseless criticism of me to my then-spouse over the ~10 years of our marriage, to which she responded honorably by doing her best to prevent said criticisms from driving a wedge between us. Regardless of my allowing this water to pass under the bridge in the years following the divorce, your criticisms resumed (if indeed they ever abated) to the point where I was hearing about them repeatedly from all sides.

I am sick of it, and I ask that you stop.

If you have any genuine criticisms to offer, I ask that you somehow communicate them directly to me in writing – either by email, by mail, or by posting them here. I am not averse to discussing such things openly, nor do I have any problem with you reading what I post openly on this wiki or elsewhere. I cannot, however, tolerate continuing reports of criticism where I am unaware of the particulars of said criticism and thus cannot possibly answer or refute it, much less correct my behavior (were I willing to do so).