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This is the official, boring Anna Nikola Tesla Staddon page, callously imposed upon her for consumption by doting relatives and such.

In Brief

  • Birthday: 1994-11-25
  • all things Anna, later to be supplemented with a more guided tour. Maybe. (Includes pictures *ferret cackles*)
  • Anna Nikola is also known as HypertWiki user Zeldrea, but there isn't much on that page (yet? well, it's been a few years...).
  • And yes, Anna is in fact Woozle's offspring, though generally neither of them want to admit it in public. <insert shifty eyes>




  • 2009-10: I am moving on to Cedar Shoals. Because I'm a big kid now. uhh....high-school---yes! finally...--Anna
  • 2008-9: Anna is moving on to a pretty decent-sounding public school, I can't remember the name at the moment --Woozle 22:02, 28 May 2008 (UTC)
    • I got into Hilsman Middle School and it's more fabulous than not fabulous! And right now I am writing a debate speech! Yes, school is good! --Anna
  • 2002-8: Anna attended St. Joseph's Catholic School in Athens, GA. (Not my idea. -W.)
  • Before that, she went to Athens Montessori School and Waseca.