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CareCredit is like a credit card which can only be used for medical expenses.

Some things we didn't like about it:

  • The minimum payments listed in each statement are not enough to pay down new charges before they begin accruing interest. This can give you a misleading sense that you are "keeping up" when you aren't.
  • By default, payments seem to be applied to newer charges first -- meaning that you have to completely pay off new charges before you can resume catching up with older ones. Again, this can lead to a false sense of "keeping up" and then your monthly payments suddenly go up.
  • Their "contact us" page does not offer any digital means for contact (e.g. email or webmail); only phone and TDD.
  • Their phone contact requires you to punch in a 16-digit account number on the phone, after at least two other layers have been passed. When I made a mistake punching this in, I had to hang up to start over. (This was then followed by mis-dialing the number twice, which is just one more reason we hate phones.)
  • When our account was canceled, we did not (as far as we know) receive any notification of this. We went to use the card one day, and it was refused, which caused considerable awkwardness. The account management web site also gave no clue that the account had been closed; it was necessary to call in order to find this out. After finally entering the account number correctly, we were given an automated message message stating that the account was closed (no reason given) and claiming they had mailed us notification (no date given), and then it said "goodbye" and ended the call without any option to speak to a human or re-open the account.