Gender dysphoria

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Parental Generation.png Although this page discusses gender dysphoria, a somewhat delicate subject, it has been written with the aim of being safe reading for people born before approximately 1950. If you find any objectionable content, please feel free to post on the discussion page and the editors will attempt to ameliorate it.

Gender 101

The first thing you need to understand is that "gender" is not the same thing as "sex". If you don't understand how this can be true, then you need to read about gender identity.


this portion is still under construction


Body map: see Wikipedia, and consider that a "body map" mis-wired in a somewhat different way can cause far worse problems than GD.

Outside Reading

  • T-Vox wiki: advice, information and support for genderqueer, intersex, transgender and transsexual people, their friends and their families