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To make use of functions in this library (in another page), you must first load it:

<load page="HypertWiki:W3tpl/lib/doc" local />


  • Function: AName
  • Purpose: emits an anchor tag -- <a name="..."></a> -- which can be used for footnotes but probably has other uses as well.
  • Parameters:
    • anchor = name of anchor
  • How to call: <call AName anchor=name />

<func AName anchor>

 <let name=tag-open chr=60 />
 <let name=tag-open append>a name="</let>
 <let name=tag-shut>" /</let>
 <let name=tag-shut append chr=62 />
 <let name=tag-shut append chr=60 />
 <let name=tag-shut append>/a</let>
 <let name=tag-shut append chr=62 />
 <echo><get name=tag-open raw /><get name=anchor /><get name=tag-shut raw /></echo>



  • Function: NoteFoot
  • Purpose: Emits a nicely-formatted footnote with an anchor tag so document text can link to it
  • Parameters:
    • key = key to the anchor; this value is displayed as is and prefixed with "note-" for the actual tag, thus:
      • <a name="note-key"></a>

<func NoteFoot key>

 <let name=anchor>note-</let>
 <let name=anchor append copy=key />
 <echo>: <get name=key />.<call AName anchor=$anchor /> </echo>