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OSLT is an acronym which stands for Or Something Like That. It apparently was invented by Woozle when writing letters in the 1990s or possibly earlier[1], though the first known documentation of it is email dialogue[2] with Harena in 2001.

2007-04-10 Update: This has now morphed into saying "ocelot" instead of "OSLT". This variant was apparently coined by Tenebram (in #sluggysquad, 2006-01-11 16:50:08 EST), subsequently overused a lot by Dhraakellian, and seems to have taken on a life of its own...


It can also stand for a number of other things; see Acronym Finder and The Free Dictionary


  1. My usage long predates the one cited in Urban Dictionary, but a thorough search of archived newsgroups from the 1980s may yet reveal earlier usage.
  2. Email, Woozle to Harena, 2001-02-23 23:00 "Spouting"