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ValueOptions (VO) is the company which denies the funding for whatever mental health service you might happen to vitally need at the moment. They are sort of like corporate Norns, apparently with only one computer and one phone between them which they are constantly fighting over.

From VO's web page for NC Medicaid: "ValueOptions provides utilization review for all residential services regardless of bed size for individuals under 21 years of age. .. A Person-Centered Plan is required for all residential services."

The Durham Center brought this "service" back in-house on September 20, 2010, but according to the rules (state law, presumably) VO still handles approval for reauthorization of services which it originally approved -- so funding Josh's stay at The Hughes Center, for example, will be handled by VO until he is discharged.

There is more at HTYP, and see also category:ValueOptions.

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  • 2010-04-05 tried to log in just now, and it says "invalid account/password". Does this mean that they expire accounts after less than 6 months of disuse?