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The Hypertwin Wiki is a project of The Hypertwins, Woozle and Harena. Our intent is to use it as an information-gathering place for their many and varied projects, as well as a point of contact for family, friends (including SluggySquad chatters), and business relations.

It runs on an ancient 233 MHz Red Hat Linux server which we lease from CI Host for our various web projects, and uses the MediaWiki open-source wiki software which is fairly easy to install if you have some experience with the target operating system (preferably Linux), PHP, and MySQL.

The wiki is open to anyone to use for any reasonable purpose (where we reserve the right to determine "reasonable"). In particular, our friends, families, members of the Sluggy community, and those living anywhere near our home in Durham, NC are encouraged to create an account and contribute content.

Please see the Projects page for projects to which you may wish to contribute.