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Introduction to Woozles

A woozle is a phenomenon caused by obsessively following one's own footsteps while thinking you are covering new ground. The presence of a woozle generally can be taken as an indication that you have become too focused on your immediate task and need to take a look at the larger picture in order to see where you have gone wrong.

Introduction to This Woozle

This particular woozle, officially known as Nick Staddon (this will be changing as soon as she can figure out the paperwork), can be contacted via various methods listed here, and is commonly found in Durham, NC (where she lives with her hypertwin, Harena) and various places on the internet.

Woozle is now switching to first person for the rest of this page. Do not adjust your sets.




People I've written about:

  • Jenny: writing about our ghost friend
  • Tigger: our other ghost friend
  • Shannon: our latest late friend; no ghost as far as I can tell

There's a lot of other writing on Woozalia.

Other stuff besides writing:

  • MoG, a band I was in
  • Music recordings are at Woozalia
  • art: I do visual things sometimes